Sun Moon Hall - Sky Deck

Business hour : In the morning 7 : 00 to afternoon 5 : 30
Tickets and opening hours for special festivities will be further announced according to the event content.

The Sky Deck features a 60-meter elevated transparent skywalk, which is the sole highest point that is capable of embracing the 300 degrees of the Sun Moon Lake’s sceneries. For those who desire to walk on top of the clouds at the Sun Moon Lake, you may challenge the 60-meter skywalk made with glass, and also absorb at the same time, the Sun Moon Lake’s negative ions of Phytoncid, which is over one thousand times that of the level ground.
Ticket Information Adult ticket / NT$400
Half-priced ticket / NT$250 (Applicable for 90cm~130cm and over 65 year olds)
Resort promotional ticket NT$ 250 /person; for guests who dined in the resort (including teatime), and has the expenditure receipt of that day as proof.
Group Ticket
  • Welcome to inquire depending on the actual situation.
  • Group ticket is applicable for over 10 people.
Notes for using the ticket
  • This ticket is restricted to the use of one ticket per person for entrance to the Sun Moon Hall on the same day; no refund is available after the ticket is sold.
  • Circulation for the hall: Please take the elevator at B1F directly to 11F for entering; please take the elevator at 11F to B1F for exiting.
  • No alterations is allowed on the ticket, nor is the ticket redeemable for cash value. No reissue of the ticket will be available in cases of ticket loss, damage or unable to identify. 
  • This ticket is not applicable to use with special festive events of the resort; additional cost will be charged for combined usage, and should be according to the announcement on site. 
  • The ticket is valid for use before the use period stated on the ticket.  In case of unavoidable incidents such as natural disasters, or when there is an event on the day of the use period, resulting in the unavailability of this hall, the ticket may then be used within an extended period of 7 days.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults.
  • People with heart diseases, high (low) pressure, drank alcohol or discomforts should consider carefully whether to enter the hall or not.
  • Smoking, chewing gum or betel nuts are prohibited in the hall. Do not bring food, pets, contraband or dangerous objects into the hall.
  • Please follow the rules of the on site announcements as well as the working personnel’s guidance in the hall.  Our hall is not responsible for any incident as a result of visitor’s deliberate actions or carelessness.
  • Please refer to the announcement on site for alterations of this note; there will be no further notices. Our hall reserves the right to the entrance of the hall.