• Fine creating
    Creating a brand new premium vacationing vision, sweet royal services
  • Being in a guest room at the premium holiday resort, waking up early in the morning, looking into the distant mountains resembling an ink painting of mountains and water; with the surrounding mist and cloud, it appears purely imaginary,
    A few rafts appear to float in the human paradise, with tranquility that dares not be disturbed.
    From dawn to dusk, from sunrise to starry night,

    One may embrace the variance of the Sun Moon Lake all at once.

    The night screen has hung down, with stars and moon in the sky, and the bustling streets of the Sun Moon Lake contrast with the tranquility of The Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake,

    The glittering lights resemble the silent fireworks, rinsing the exhausted mind and soul of the traveler. Soaking in the leisure of the gentle breeze and the stars, savor the life, and enjoy The Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake!
  • Hot spring spa
    The Wen Wan Resort Sun and Moon Lake has the first full Nantou County, a legitimate hot spring license, hot springs wells drilled up to 1650 meters, like three 101 buildings height. All 92 guest rooms, each with a semi-outdoor hot spring top view, air-conditioned, private hot spring bathroom, enjoy the thousands of years beauty of in private space soup, health and relaxation, hot springs at the same time, but also enjoy the 180-degree Sun Moon Lake extreme beauty of scenery At this point, Fufang asked for help.
Rooms & Suites
The Wen Wan Resort creates a brand new top five new vacations,