Introduction of venue
Features the advanced and comprehensive venue and facilities for meetings and banquets, which is ideal for organizing various gatherings such as business meetings or wedding feasts.
The warm, comfortable display and decorations, together with the managing principle of always pursuing new changes, and customers always come first to persist with the constant high standard service quality, so that the guests may experience the hospitality of being at home.
Price list for the meeting venues

* A free whiteboard, guest welcoming poster, meeting tables, mineral water and mint sweets are provided for meetings.

Lecture style

Theater style

川 style
The resplendent and innovative Grand Ballroom reflects the visual image of facing the sun,
The dazzling main lights shine with glazing rays resembling blossoming sunflowers; where as the petals of the carpet dance with hope while facing the sun.
The commodious and tranquil space together with the advanced digital technological facilities and human-based services allow it to become the ideal venue for business meetings and private gatherings.
Facility details and price list

* Ballroom with exclusive internet access, offers access to 10M wireless broadband internet for free

Facility details Wireless
(screen included)
Whiteboard Table card
Unit Piece Piece Piece Piece Piece Piece
Charge for half-day NT$ 250  1,750  100  100 150  30 
Charge for full-day NT$ 500  3,500  200  200  300  30 
Facility details Seat card Invitation Photocopy /
black and white
Fax Flower brooch Platform table flower
Unit Piece Piece A4 / Piece A3 / Piece Domestic / Piece Overseas / Piece per flower per pot
Charge for half-day NT$ 10 50 5 20 30 150 above 250 above 2,000
Charge for full-day NT$ 10 50 5 20 30 150 above 250 above 2,000
Meeting package
Multi-functional meeting room, comprehensive software and hardware facilities with attentive services to create smooth and outstanding meetings. It is suitable for hosting various business meetings, educational training and product presentations etc., which allows you to present perfectly during the meetings.





Time Meal Charging standard Time Meal Charging standard

Includes one lunch (Chinese cuisines or Western set meals) and one teatimes


Includes one lunch (Chinese cuisines or Western set meals) and two teatimes




NT$ 1,850+10%per person


NT$2,400+10%per person





  • Meeting facilities: Paper, pen, mineral water, folder, mint sweets, wireless internet, two microphones, projector, screen, laser pointer, platform, whiteboard, briefing stand.
  • One hour of free venue decoration in advance (excluding serving personnel); the rent for over an hour will be calculated as 1/2 the charge of the renting period; full charge of the renting period will be calculated for over two hours; decoration on the day before will be charged for the full fee of that renting period. Meeting venue arrangement: The meeting space may be adjusted according to customers’ demands, for instance: 川 style, lecture style…etc.
  • With half an hour of overtime usage of the venue, the charge will be calculated according to the fee for that renting period.
  • Rent will be charged for overtime, and The Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake reserves the right to the extended use of the venue.
  • The use of the venue will be adjusted and arranged depending on the actual seat reservation condition.
Meeting accommodation package Two days and one night
Each guest room offers a 270 degree view of Sun Moon Lake, where the variance of Sun Moon Lake from dawn to dusk and from sunrise to starry night will rinse the exhaustion off your body.
All rooms feature a pushed-out deep well hot spring bath, where one may listen to the conversation between the mountains and the waters, while enjoying the baptism of Sun Moon Lake.
One night in the resort’s exquisite guest rooms Guest room, one night and three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Whole day meeting (08:00-16:00, one session each in the morning and the afternoon)
Two exquisite meeting teatimes

Venue and facilities – projector, screen, two wireless microphones


Deluxe Room / 3F

Deluxe Room / 5F

Deluxe Room / 6F, 7F

Deluxe Garden Room / Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum
Deluxe Room / 3F Deluxe Room / 5F Deluxe Room / 6, 7F Deluxe Garden Room / 3F

NT$ 20,000+10%

NT$ 22,000+10%

NT$ 25,000+10%

NT$ 30,000+10%



  • The price for the room is for two people, and is only applicable with the number of rooms reaching over eight (including eight rooms) rooms.
  • The meeting venue will be arranged by our hotel; if there is a need to appoint or change the venue, please refer to the actual quotation provided by the business personnel for the rates.
  • If there is a demand for beverages, the price is NT$150+10% / person (choose two out of three from coffee, juice and black tea)
  • Room reservation needs to be made in advance, and is not applicable to use with other promotions.